Prodotti Pediatria

Una linea di Prodotti studiata per fornire un delicato approccio per la Detersione cutanea e l’Igiene intima del bambino, per fornire un’ottimale Idratazione e Protezione in caso di arrossamenti, screpolature, dermatite atopica ecc. La linea comprende anche prodotti per il trattamento di Ansia, Stress, Agitazione e Insonnia nei bambini, per la prevenzione e il trattamento di lesioni e infezioni del cavo orale e per il trattamento delle prime forme di acne adolescenziale. A completamento della Linea di recente sono stati inseriti due prodotti altamente specifici. Il primo ad azione Immunostimolante e di Ricolonizzazione del Micorbiota intestinale, per fornire una prevenzione a 360 gradi delle patologie stagionali ed il secondo in grado di offrire un approccio combinato e integrato nelle infezioni gastroenteriche.

Tutti i prodotti di questa linea sono costituiti da un’associazione di principi attivi e dosaggi ottimali per garantire un rapido effetto terapeutico.

RSS The Journal of Pediatrics

  • Penile pearls in a newborn Gennaio 25, 2023
    A male newborn infant born at term gestation, appropriate for gestational age), was noted at delivery to have genital lesions. The infant was born to a primigravida mother with adequate prenatal care. Her antenatal period was uneventful. The infant had two distinct 5-7 mm, smooth, glistening pearly-white papules at the tip of the penis (Figure […]
    Deepika Rustogi, Chetan Khare, Neelam
  • Prolonged Enteral Tube Feeding in Infants With a Functional Single Ventricle Is Associated With Adverse Outcomes After Fontan Completion. Gennaio 25, 2023
    To define the baseline characteristics of long-term tube-fed single ventricle patients, investigate associations between long-term enteral tube feeding and growth, and determine associations with long-term outcomes after Fontan procedure.
    Emma Payne, Frances Garden, Yves d’Udekem, Robert Weintraub, Zoe McCallum, Helen Wightman, Dominica Zentner, Rachael Cordina, Thomas G. Wilson, Julian Ayer
  • Hypopigmented macules in three siblings Gennaio 22, 2023
    Three female Malay siblings aged 2, 4 and 6 years old presented with similar histories of hypopigmented spots on the lower abdomen and pubic area, which appeared at the age of 4 to 6 months old. These asymptomatic spots gradually spread and then stabilized in extent (Figure 1); they were not preceded by new contacts […]
    Siti Nuraihan, Emily Yiping Gan
  • Erythema Marginatum Gennaio 21, 2023
    A healthy 3-year-old female child presented to the emergency department with a 1-month history of fevers and rash. The lesions were well-defined with serpiginous margins and involved the back and lower extremities. The child had been initially diagnosed with contact dermatitis and received a topical glucocorticoid without improvement. On examination, the child had arthritis of […]
    Vini Vijayan, Sukesh Sukumaran
  • The Shortage of Amoxicillin: An Escalating Public Health Crisis in Pediatrics Faced by Several Western Countries. Gennaio 17, 2023
    The antibiotic amoxicillin is usually recommended as a first-line treatment for many common infections affecting children, including otitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, and strep throat1. It is an effective, relatively inexpensive drug that is available in generic formulations2. For years pediatricians have feared a major health crisis caused by the growing phenomenon of antibiotic resistance3. Among the […]
    Robert Cohen, Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani, Ida Giardino, Angel Carrasco-Sanz, Eli Somekh, Corinne Levy
  • Online “Sharenting”: The Dangers of Posting Sensitive Information About Children on Social Media Gennaio 17, 2023
    The term “sharenting,” which is a port manteau of "sharing" and "parenting," describes the growing habit of parents to share photos, videos and other identifying information about their children, on personal social media accounts1. A recent European study reports that parents share online an average of about 300 photos and sensitive data concerning their children […]
    Pietro Ferrara, Luca Cammisa, Giovanni Corsello, Ida Giardino, Mehmet Vural, Tudor Lucian Pop, Clara Pettoello-Mantovani, Flavia Indrio, Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani
  • Corrigendum to FEV1 Variability Helps Identify Patients with Cystic Fibrosis at Risk of Greater Loss of Lung Function [The Journal of Pediatrics (2016) 116–121] Gennaio 16, 2023
    The authors regret that in this paper predicting lung function decline we used change in best %pred FEV1 from baseline to follow-up as the outcome. In retrospect, we should have used an outcome measure that did not include baseline lung function values. As a result, this calls into question whether the median deviation from the best […]
    Wayne J. Morgan, Donald R. VanDevanter, David J. Pasta, Aimee J. Foreman, Jeffrey S. Wagener, Michael W. Konstan, Scientific Advisory Group and the Investigators and Coordinators of the Epidemiologic Study of Cystic Fibrosis
  • Preterm birth and total healthcare use and costs in the first five years of life: a population-based study Gennaio 16, 2023
    To investigate the relationship between preterm birth and hospital / out-of-hospital care and costs over the first five years of life.
    Serena Yu, Kei Lui, Denzil GFiebig, Javeed Travadi, Caroline SE. Homer, Lynn Sinclair, Vanessa Scarf, Rosalie Viney
  • Adverse Effects of α-2 Adrenergic Agonists and Stimulants in Preschool-Age ADHD: A DBPNet Study Gennaio 14, 2023
    Irene M. Loe, Nathan J. Blum, Justine Shults, William Barbaresi, Ami Bax, Jaclyn Cacia, Alexis Deavenport-Saman, Sandra Friedman, Angela LaRosa, Shruti Mittal, Douglas Vanderbilt, Elizabeth Harstad
  • Bilirubin Levels in Neonates ≥ 35 Weeks of Gestation Receiving Delayed Cord Clamping for an Extended Time – an Observational Study Gennaio 13, 2023
    To describe bilirubin levels in neonates ≥ 35+0 gestational weeks, receiving delayed cord clamping (CC), in relation to the updated Bhutani nomogram.
    Maria Wilander, Johan Sandblom, Li Thies-Lagergren, Ola Andersson, Jenny Svedenkrans