Vascular Surgery Products

A line of products designed to provide a gentle approach to the treatment of vascular inflammation and infections, for care, topical and systemic treatment of ‘Circulatory and microcirculatory failure, venous stasis, edema, of Ulcers and of Diabetic Foot

All products of this line are constituted by an association of active ingredients, and optimal dosages to ensure a rapid therapeutic effect.

RSS Journal of Vascular Surgery

  • Endovascular Embolization of a Superior Mesenteric Aneurysm in a Patient Without Celiac Trunk: A Case Report April 1, 2023
    Visceral artery aneurysm (VAA) is a rare and critical vascular disease. Aneurysms of the superior mesenteric artery (aSMA) represent 3.2% to 5.5% of all VAA. In addition, 22% of all VAA present as a vascular emergency—either rupture or dissection. Due to the high mortality rate, an increase in open and endovascular procedures has been reported. […]
    Lina M. Sanabria, Romeo Guevara, Camilo A. Polania, Juan G. Barrera
  • Untitled April 1, 2023
    The VEITHsymposium held a successful 2022 Associate Faculty (AF) program, where a record number of national and international abstracts covering various topics in the diagnosis and management of vascular diseases were selected and distributed among 13 different sessions. These sessions were each moderated by three or four well-recognized vascular surgeons/specialists. The moderators actively participated by […]
    Enrico Ascher, Frank J. Veith
  • Vascular e-Learning During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: The EL-COVID Survey April 1, 2023
    The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has radically changed the possibilities for vascular surgeons and trainees to exchange knowledge and experience. An exponential growth of medical e-learning activities has produced a significant amount of data. The aim of the present survey is to take inventory of the e-learning needs of vascular surgeons and trainees, as well […]
    Nikolaos Patelis, the EL-COVID Collaborators
  • Three-Year Outcomes of a Single Branch, Off-the-shelf Endovascular Solution for Treating Aortic Arch Pathologies April 1, 2023
    Endovascular aortic arch repair has reduced mortality and paraplegia rates compared to surgery, but current thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair systems still report high stroke rates. Specific features of the NEXUS Aortic Arch Stent Graft System (Endospan, Herzlia, Israel) are designed to help reduce neurological events. This study evaluated this single branch, two-stent graft system specifically […]
    Andrew Holden
  • Comparison of Two Generations Valiant Thoracic Aortic Stent Grafts and Their Impact on Aortic Stiffness in an Ex Vivo Porcine Model April 1, 2023
    Several studies have shown an increase in arterial stiffness after thoracic endovascular aortic repair as per increases in pulse wave velocity (PWV), thus raising concerns about long-term cardiovascular outcomes. The aim of this study was to compare aortic stiffness after two different generation stent grafts deployment in an ex vivo porcine model.
    Sara Allievi, Tim J. Mandigers, Michele Conti, Daniele Bianchi, Stefania Marconi, Maurizio Domanin, Joost A. Van Herwaarden, Ferdinando Auricchio, Marc L. Schermerhorn, Santi Trimarchi
  • A Novel Way to Enhance Compliance in the Conservative Treatment of Intermittent Claudication (IC) Patients with the Help of Remote Monitoring April 1, 2023
    In the Netherlands, 19% of the adults over 55 suffer from some sort of peripheral arterial disease. In smaller hospitals, this condition can account for up to 40% of the caseload in daily practice. In the Netherlands, the management of patients with intermittent claudication has been formalized in guidelines, as in the United States. Exercise […]
    Otmar R.M. Wikkeling
  • Indications and Outcomes of Iliofemoral Conduits During Fenestrated-Branched Endovascular Repair of Complex Abdominal and Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms April 1, 2023
    To describe the technical pitfalls and outcomes of iliofemoral conduits during fenestrated-branched endovascular repair (FB-EVAR) of complex abdominal (CAAAs) and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms (TAAAs).
    Andrea Vacirca, Marina Dias-Neto, Giulianna Marcondes, Emanuel R. Tenorio, Guilherme B. Barbosa Lima, Aidin Baghbani-Oskouei, Bernardo C. Mendes, Naveed Saqib, Aleem K. Mirza, Gustavo S. Oderich