Vascular Surgery Products

A line of products designed to provide a gentle approach to the treatment of vascular inflammation and infections, for care, topical and systemic treatment of ‘Circulatory and microcirculatory failure, venous stasis, edema, of Ulcers and of Diabetic Foot

All products of this line are constituted by an association of active ingredients, and optimal dosages to ensure a rapid therapeutic effect.

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  • Events of Interest July 1, 2022
    News items of interest to the vascular surgeon must be received at least 8 weeks before the desired month of publication. Announcements published at no charge include those received from a sponsoring society of this Journal, those courses and conferences sponsored by state, regional, national, or international vascular surgical organizations, and university-sponsored continuing medical education […]
  • Better care through better data July 1, 2022
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) convened a 2-day panel to review the performance of endovascular aortic stent grafts and real-world evidence in November.1 Day 1 focused on the Endologix AFX endovascular graft system (Endologix, Inc, Irvine, CA), with an emphasis on the risk of type III endoleaks.2 Day 2 focused on the safety […]
    Jens Eldrup-Jorgensen, Phil P. Goodney, Fred A. Weaver
  • Editorial Board July 1, 2022
  • Information for Readers July 1, 2022
    Communications regarding original articles and editorial management should be addressed to Ronald L. Dalman, MD, and Thomas L. Forbes, MD, Editors, Journal of Vascular Surgery, 9400 W. Higgins Road, Suite 315, Rosemont IL 60018; telephone: 312-334-2355; fax: 312-334-2320; e-mail: Information for authors appears in the January and July issues, at, and at […]
  • SUPERA Stenting in the Common Femoral Artery: Early Experience and Practical Considerations July 1, 2022
    A retrospective, single-center review between January 1, 2011, and December 31, 2019.
    M.J. Tao, A. Gotra, K.T. Tan, N. Eisenberg, G. Roche-Nagle, S. Mafeld
  • Traditions and transitions July 1, 2022
    This month represents a significant milestone in the history of the Journal of Vascular Surgery (JVS). Founded in 1984 to help frame vascular surgery as a distinct practice discipline, the Journal has expanded its focus and structure to now encompass four distinct publications – the original JVS, the JVS Venous and Lymphatic Disorders (JVS-VL), JVS […]
    Ronald L. Dalman, Thomas L. Forbes, Ruth L. Bush, Matthew R. Smeds, Alan Dardik
  • Reemerging from the pandemic: How do we restart? July 1, 2022
    The title of this Presidential Address is “Reemerging from the pandemic: how do we restart?” I originally thought that I would speak about several different topics. One of my original thoughts was to speak about vascular surgeon-scientists, a profession and topic near and dear to my heart. I will only encourage you to look at […]
    Alan Dardik