LiArt Antiaging – LiArt Antiossidante – LiArt Boto


Active Ingredients
All the active ingredients present in the product of LiArt Line are concentrated in high doses for maximum therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, through the adoption of specific pharmaceutical technologies, the active ingredients, depending on their characteristics, are encapsulated in liposomes of phosphatidylcholine or reduced to minute particles with nanotechnology to ensure that greater quantities can cross the skin barrier and be absorbed really in dermis.
The presence of slow-release silicon nanoparticles and the fragrances used combine the tactile pleasure of the best cosmetic with the effectiveness of the best skin pharmacology. The absence of preservatives or any other potentially toxic, irritating or allergenic, guarantees the skin compatibility of the products of LiArt Line, that have passed the most severe test of dermatological safety.

The daily use of these products significantly reduces the aesthetic effects of aging genetically programmed and stops that induced by external factors aggressive to the dermis at any age, giving back to the face an excellent surface texture, with moisturizing, decongesting, brightening, soothing, restorative, antioxidant, revitalizing, regenerating and restructuring actions. It is also carried out a direct action on the reactivation of cutaneous microcirculation, with capillary protective, anti-edema and biomodulation of the immune response and anti-inflammatory superficial activities.
The result provided by the complex action of the LiArt Line formulations is able to donate a better elasticity and tone to the skin, a brightness, a reduction of wrinkles (bio-dermal sculpture), skin laxity, which results in a overall lifting effect with a sensitive aesthetic rejuvenation (bio-dermal genesis).