Protein contained in many secretions such as saliva, tears, milk and colostrum and plays a key role in the fixation and transport of iron, a process necessary for the growth and development of pathogens. It has antimicrobial activity both bactericidal and fungicidal. In association with lactic ferments it hinders the growth of pathogenic bacteria without altering the growth of normal intestinal bacterial flora.

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  • Recurrent Facial Palsy in a Teenager August 11, 2020
    A healthy 15-year-old girl presented to our emergency department with sudden onset of drooling, left facial drooping and inability to close her left eyelid. Her past medical history was unremarkable, but she recalled a similar, less severe episode, six months ago. Her mother has permanent facial weakness due to an episode of facial palsy two […]
    Maria Angeli, Eleni Vergadi, Ioannis Tsiverdis, Vasileios Mastorodemos, Emmanouil Galanakis
  • Cardiovascular Implications for Offspring Born to Mothers with Preeclampsia August 11, 2020
    Supported by NIH/NCATS Colorado CTSA (UL1 TR002535). The authors declare no conflicts of interest.
    Nicolle F. Dyess, John P. Kinsella
  • New insights into platelet dysfunction in Kawasaki Disease using a microfluidic model of thrombosis August 11, 2020
    In this volume of The Journal, Tsujii et al report their findings of platelet activation characteristics and the effect of antiplatelet therapy in 33 Japanese children with acute Kawasaki disease (KD) using a newly automated flow chamber system to evaluate platelet aggregate formation under high shear rates (1,000 s−1 and 2,000 s−1 ) in a […]
    Brian R. Branchford, Keith Neeves
  • Relationship of Apolipoproteins with Subclinical Cardiovascular Risk in Youth August 11, 2020
    To examine the association of apolipoproteins with arterial stiffness and carotid artery structure in children and adolescents.
    Madeline A. Czeck, Elise F. Northrop, Nicholas G. Evanoff, Donald R. Dengel, Kyle D. Rudser, Aaron S. Kelly, Justin R. Ryder
  • Impact of Maternal SARS-CoV-2 Detection on Breastfeeding Due to Infant Separation at Birth August 9, 2020
    To assess the impact of separation of SARS-CoV-2 PCR-positive mother–newborn dyads on breastfeeding outcomes.
    Stephanie Popofsky, Asif Noor, Jill Leavens-Maurer, Maria Lyn Quintos-Alagheband, Ann Mock, Alexandra Vinci, Eileen Magri, Meredith Akerman, Estela Noyola, Mona Rigaud, Billy Pak, Jennifer Lighter, Adam J. Ratner, Nazeeh Hanna, Leonard Krilov
  • An Infant Presenting with Large, Asymmetric Tongue August 7, 2020
    A one-month-old girl was referred to pediatric neurology clinic for evaluation of left facial weakness. She was born to a 25-year-old G1, P0-1 mom after a full-term, uncomplicated pregnancy. She had a difficult delivery, but no forceps or vacuum were used. Her birth weight was 3.75kg (75-90%tile). She had a left-sided cephalohematoma with left facial […]
    Meredith R. Golomb, Rupa Radhakrishnan, Theodore E. Wilson
  • Willingness to Vaccinate Children against Influenza after the COVID-19 Pandemic August 6, 2020
    To determine factors associated with parents who plan to vaccinate their children against influenza next year, especially those who did not vaccinate against influenza last year using a global survey.
    Ran D. Goldman, Sophie McGregor, Shashidhar R. Marneni, Tomohiro Katsuta, Mark A. Griffiths, Jeanine E. Hall, Michelle Seiler, Eileen J. Klein, Cristina Parra Cotanda, Renana Gelernter, Julia Hoeffe, Adrienne L. Davis, Gianluca Gualco, Ahmed Mater, Sergio Manzano, Graham C. Thompson, Sara Ahmed, Samina Ali, Julie C. Brown, International COVID-19 Parental Attitude Study (COVIPAS) Group
  • The Diversity of Pediatric Residency Programs across Europe: Quality Assurance of Training, Night Shifts, and Wages August 5, 2020
    Debating the activities of the European Young Pediatricians Association2 (EURYPA) and the issue of diversity of pediatric residency programs across Europe, we discussed the diversity in admission procedures, duration and pediatric training curricula of residency courses in Europe.(1) We now discuss the issues of quality assurance of training, night shifts and wages, which are of […]
    Ruya Meric, Roy Gavin Stone, Vasile Valeriu Lupu, Søren Lomholt, Marija Slobodanac, Balázs Andras Maár, Enrica Manca
  • Is rapid exome sequencing standard of care in the NICU and PICU? August 5, 2020
    In this volume of The Journal, Freed report results of a 3-year trial of the clinical utility of rapid exome sequencing (rES) in critically ill children in the neonatal, pediatric and cardiac intensive care units (ICU) of a tertiary children’s hospital. The authors conclude that rES should be considered standard of care for some such […]
    Stephen F. Kingsmore
  • Transparency and accountability of pediatric trials: should consent rate reporting be mandatory? August 5, 2020
    Funded in part by the grant from the Croatian Science Foundation, Professionalism in Health – Decision making in practice and research, ProDeM, under Grant agreement No. IP-2019-04-4882. The funder had no role in the current manuscript. The authors declare no conflicts of interest.
    Ana Marušić, Ivan Buljan