Micogel e Micocher


Urea has keratolytic properties, as it promotes the detachment of dead surface cells and consequently the skin regeneration.
It can be utilized with varying doses ranging between 3% and 40%. At concentrations less than 10% it is used primarily in cosmetic products with a moisturizing activity; with a concentration of about 20% is used as a keratolytic, while with higher doses greater than 40% it helps to remove calluses on hands and feet.

Salicylic acid
Active ingredient with an high keratolytic activity, as it is able to selectively break the keratin protein chain, abundantly present in the corneocytes. On the skin, salicylic acid decreases the cohesion of the corneocytes forces. In this way is promoted desquamation of hyperpigmented keratinocytes, while stimulating cell renewal. The final effect promoted from salicylic acid is surprising: the “new” keratinocytes, being less rich in melanin pigment, give the skin a smoother look, polished and bright. In addition it is also used for its bacteriostatic properties and soothing. In fact, it is rapidly absorbed in the inflamed lesions by exercising these functions, without causing evident irritation phenomena.

Piroctone olamina
It has, even in low concentrations, an important local antiseptic activity. It has an high affinity for tissue rich in keratin, and complements the anti-inflammatory action of other active ingredients. The antimicrobial activity is due to its high affinity for trivalent metal cations, resulting in inhibition of metal-dependent enzymes, responsible of the degradation of peroxides within the fungal cell.

It plays an important local antifungal action, with a wide spectrum of action. The antifungal action is due to the inhibition of synthesis of ergosterol, of which are rich fungal plasmatic membranes, based on the non-conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol.