Tetraxin Complex


Phosphatidic acid
It is a derivative of α-glycerophosphoric acid, in which the alcohol groups are esterified with fatty acids. It is the precursor of all phospholipids and is the key compound for the biosynthesis of these substances. The phosphatidic acid is a phospholipid that has functions of intracellular second messenger, whose formation is catalyzed by phospholipase D enzyme (PLD) involved in a signal transduction pathway that hydrolyzes phosphatidylcholine, with formation of intracellular second messengers.
The phosphatidic acid plays a key role in trichology as it stimulates hair growth by inducing the proliferation of keratinocytes of hair follicle, thus disfavoring the start of the catagen phase in the scalp cells.

It is an indole with a highly lipophilic chemical structure that allows it to easily penetrate deep into cells where it exerts a cytoprotective activity protecting the intra- and extracellular components from oxidative damage induced by free radicals. It is produced by the pituitary and many peripheral tissues including skin and hair follicle. In the follicle melatonin exerts both direct effects, with antioxidant and protective action on metabolically active cells in Anagen Phase, and effects mediated by its binding to cellular receptors that inhibit the entry into the Telogen Phase. Melatonin also exerts an anti-androgenic activity through its link on androgens and estrogens receptors.

They are natural compounds contained in many foods, especially of vegetable origin. Due to their lipophilic characteristics are responsible for the localization and accumulation of vitamin in organelles and cell membranes. They regulate the skin barrier function and are powerful natural antioxidants, protecting the skin from oxidative damage induced by free radicals, in particular those arising from radiation and environmental pollution. Tocotrienols also exert a protective effect on the hair structure and stimulate Anagen Phase of the growth hair cycle.

Extract of Serenoa serrulata
The extract, at high dermal absorption, inhibits the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme resulting in a decrease of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and slowing of hair loss.

Tetraxina Complex®
This is a mixture of substances, covered by patent, essentially consisting of peptides, elements of vegetable origin, vitamins and minerals that overall provide a proper supply of nutrients to the cells of the scalp, exert an antioxidant action, stimulate collagen production helping to improve the integrity of the extracellular matrix thus favoring a better anchorage of the hair to the bulb.

Thanks to the synergistic action of its active ingredients Tetraxin Complex:

  • Significantly strengthens the hair fibers
  • Create favorable conditions for a gradual restoration of the normal life cycle of the hair (Anagen Phase) essential to effectively counteract the phenomena of falling and thinning
  • Stop and blocks hair loss
  • Strengthens the anchoring of the hair to the bulb
  • Acts directly on the factors that cause hair loss, generally identified through the examination of the hair
  • Is devoid of the typical side effects of drug treatment
  • Is devoid of rebound effect
  • Determines not only a slowdown in the fall, but also hair regrowth