Pervis Forte


Azelaic acid
It has anti-acne activity resulting from its bacteriostatic and bactericidal capacity against microorganisms that are on the surface layers of the epidermis, causing skin lesions characteristic of acne vulgaris. It also normalizes the keratinization process and leads to a reduction of the content of free fatty acids in the lipids of the skin surface. This feature helps to enhance its anti-acne
and anti-comedogenic activity.

Salicylic acid
Active ingredient with an high keratolytic activity, as it is able to selectively break the keratin protein chain, abundantly present in the corneocytes. On the skin, salicylic acid decreases the cohesion of the corneocytes forces. In this way is promoted desquamation of hyperpigmented keratinocytes, while stimulating cell renewal. The final effect promoted from salicylic acid is surprising: the “new” keratinocytes, being less rich in melanin pigment, give the skin a smoother look, polished and bright. In addition it is also used for its bacteriostatic properties and soothing. In fact, it is rapidly absorbed in the inflamed lesions by exercising these functions, without causing evident irritation phenomena.

It has soothing, softening, protective and purifying activity that is used as active ingredient particularly in creams for sensitive or very sensitive skin, in those that act as a shield against atmospheric agents, in products for skins affected by rosacea and in specific products for children’s skin.

Serenoa serrulata
It has antiandrogen properties, which performs through a direct action on the receptors of dihydrotestosterone, and in an indirect action by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. If dihydrotestosterone is produced in excess, because of its strong androgen power, it favors the appearance of acne.

Vitamin E
It is the antioxidant vitamin, protecting lipids of cell membranes, the main target of free radicals, from lipid peroxidation. Topically has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing activity, it reduces the formation of lipoperoxides and slows photoaging.

Vitamin A
It inhibits the excessive production of sebum and keratin, effectively improving acne. It has been amply demonstrated the value of Vitamin A as an anti-acne treatment.

Tea tree oil
It has antibacterial, healing, antifungal and antismelling properties, making it one of the most effective ingredients offered us by nature.

It is a natural active ingredient present in different essence plants which confers anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to its marked decongesting and soothing properties is widely used in cosmetics for the treatment of delicate, sensitive and prone to coupe rose skin.

Powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and detoxifying active ingredients, it helps to solve
skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, pimples and blacks. It intensifies the hormone cortisol activity, dilates blood vessels improving the supply of nutrients to cells and removing dead cells. It also facilitates healing making the skin soft and clean.

Sebum normalizing and strongly opacifying ingredients able to make less fluid sebum thanks to its adsorbing action. It improves the aesthetic appearance of the skin, making it visibly less shiny and oily. The creams for acne containing kaolin also exert a good exfoliating action.

Thanks to the complex of the active ingredients present Pervis Forte is able to perform:

  • An intense seboregulating action for acne and oily skin
  • It is indicated as a purifying treatment, soothing, smoothing with a pore reduction and matting effect