The lextract of the leaves contains hyperoside, quercetin, and betulin and nicotic acid, which is important to facilitate the drainage of body fluids, the functionality of urinary tract and purifying functions of body.

The extract from root is rich in inulin, fructans, flavonoids and coumarins useful to facilitate intestinal transit and the elimination of excess fluids.

Bermuda grass
Rich in saponins, polyphenols and mucilage, is useful in the drainage of body fluids and to promote the purifying functions of body.

Phyllantus niruri
Splitting-stone grass whose leaves contain tannins, terpenes and flavonoids useful to facilitate the fragmentation of stones, to assist the hepatic metabolism and the physiological function of urinary tract.

The extract contains mucilage, tannins, gallic acid and salts with a diuretic, draining and disruptive of stones. It is a valuable aid in the drainage of body fluids and in promoting the function of urinary tract.

Its most important active ingredients are sesquiterpene lactones, also called parthenolides and flavonoids that play an antispasmodic activity on intestinal smooth muscle.